Manfred Rachner RD 800 P

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Nazwa Manfred Rachner RD 800 P
Rok produkcji 2007
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Manfred Rachner RD 800 P

Year of construction 2007
Format: 600 x 900 mm
Load capacity: 800 kg
Weight: 750 kg
new turning cylinder;
upper cylinder rebuilt;
pump and tank cleaned;
new turning valve.

The stack turners for quickly and easily turning your stacks.

The stack turners can be used for palletizing as well as for turning to the correct side and turning the folded stacks for gathering machines.

Design features:
Stable steel frame construction
Attractive design
Undercarriage option for pallet trucks
Stable paper pads with support
Maintenance-free slewing ring and cylinder bearings
Shock-free placement of the turned stack
thanks to the end position dampened swivel cylinder
Hydraulic unlocking of the mast
Optimum working height thanks to pivot point relocation
Maximum ease of use


Production and operational safety
little need for space
good price/performance ratio

Serwis i części zamienne

Świadczymy usługi profesjonalnego serwisu maszyn poligraficznych. Dzięki dogłębnej znajomości branży poligraficznej, z którą jesteśmy związani od ponad 20 lat, możemy zaoferować kompleksowe usługi serwisowe.

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