Cookies” – what are they?

“Cookie” (formally HTTP Cookie, abbreviated as cookie, sometimes translated incorrectly as cookie) – a small piece of text that a web service sends to a browser and that the browser sends back on subsequent visits to the site. It is mainly used to maintain a session, for example, by generating and sending back a temporary ID after logging in. However, it can be used more broadly by storing any data that can be encoded as a string. This way, the user doesn’t have to enter the same information every time they return to that page or move from one page to another.” – source: Wikipedia

Why and how do we use cookies?

To analyze the effectiveness of our advertising and content activities, we track cookies as follows:

Google Analytics, Google, YouTube – we track your information in accordance with Google’s privacy policy:

Using Google Analytics software, the site places a counting code on the user’s computer to collect data about users We inform you that the data is tracked under an agreement with GOOGLE Inc. and we use a mechanism to anonymize the user’s IP number. At any time you can object to the collection of data by Google Analytics software or by changing your browser settings.

The data is also used for purposes such as demographic reports, remarketing/retargeting, and tracking activity on the site: page scrolling, copy page elements, activity times, and individual page editing events. The data is collected anonymously.

Embed video elements shared from YouTube into the pages of your website. For this purpose, a code referencing YouTube is placed in the relevant sections and pages. YouTube tracks the playback of video clips, and this tracking is done in accordance with its privacy policy, which is available

Automatic invocation of link, pop-up or iframe pages of may lead to the acquisition of personal data in the profile visit analysis panel on the mentioned pages. This applies only to users who: have a profile on the aforementioned, sites and have expressly given permission to these sites to show such information when visiting the profile of another portal user.

Data tracking can be turned off, among other things. At an address prepared by Google:

Most browsers allow users to control cookies in their preference settings. Restricting the sites ability to set cookies may degrade the overall user experience.

In addition to the above cookie policy, information about cookies and how to block them can be found at:

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